Spacious & Isolated

Firle to the downs

To say that Firle is beautiful, is probably an understatement. The camping meadow is large, so  you never get the feeling that people are on top of you. However, we also limit the number of visitors that we allow on site, which avoids overcrowding & creates a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.

Firle at sunset


on every pitch

Groups of families & friends can reserve an area to all camp together and there is an adult-friendly section for child-free campers! We therefore pre-allocate all our pitches to ensure that everyone has plenty of space and to cut-out the stress of the normal “arrivals free-for-all!”


Clean & Simple

We are satisfyingly off-grid, so do not have electricity, but we do have hot showers, a covered washing-up area and lots of loos – all kept scrupulously clean & tidy – and there is a camp warden to ensure that everything stays that way! There is a plentiful supply of fresh water always available.


Wide Open Spaces

forle girls 1

A friendly and safe area for children, with masses of open space for playing games. Therefore, kite flying, cricket, rounders and football can all be happily played. There is an adjoining wood, which is totally safe and the perfect place to make friends, enjoy rope swings and make camps.

Good Times

Our Goal is to ensure that ALL our vistors, have a great time! We don’t have many rules, but the ones we have are strictly enforced. Paramount is for everyone to show respect to eachother, their space and their enjoyment. We love that so many people return year after year…long may it continue!

Pre-allocated Pitches

Taking the trouble to place people means that we can maintain separate family and adult friendly areas. so families won’t be disturbed by adult night-owls and adults won’t be woken by young early-birds. We encourage quiet banter around the fire, but not at the expense of others, so no gratuitous noise or music.

Enjoying Fires

We love camp fires but in existing fire pits, not on new ground. Wood is available on-site (£6) and because of insurance costs, we do insist that all wood is bought from us. Please do not take fallen branches from neighbouring woods! They do not belong to us, so we have to ask anyone found stealing wood to leave.

Rubbish Policy

We manage Firle sustainably and we cannot deal with large amounts of rubbish. We therefore ask that it is taken away.   Recycling centres open (9am to 5pm) 7 days a week. They are at Lewes (BN7 3PS); Newhaven (BN9 0EH); Seaford (BN25 3JE); Hailsham ( BN27 2BY). Please do not leave any rubbish behind.

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Campfires and Hot Showers – in the rural heart of the Sussex Countryside